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Friday, January 27, 2012

Shadow Defender Full Serial

More Explore | Shadow Defender Full Serial | Software that this one has a similarity with the Deep Freeze, Shadow Defender Full Version will help us protect our computer data files on a way to freeze partition of course we have chosen, so that although the virus, worms, trojans and other computer attacks, we do not need to worry.
The advantages of this software in the appeal is a shadow defender deep freeze can freeze or go into shadow mode without the need for us merestar our computer.

Screenshot :

Features :
Optimal State - Configure your system exactly the way you want it That ONCE and run in an optimal state at all times. No need to Spend the time removing Unwanted files or trouble shooting and eliminating Unwanted PC changes.
System Recovery-Reduce the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) for managing and maintaining your PCs by simply rolling the systems back to an optimal state.
System Security - Surf the internet without a trace of Unwanted cookies, internet history, temporary files, spam applications or spyware.
Virus Protection - Prevent downtime and system damage due to viruses and worms Outbreaks. Prevent the virus from ever being written to the hard disk.
Change Management - Maximize system uptime by instantly undoing accidental or malicious system changes.
Patch Management - Safely test updates, patches and applications Permanently before saving changes to your system.
Test Optimization Software - Quickly run Various configurations on one system for software test scenarios. No need to reinstall or re-image a system to restore it to its original state.

Download :

Shadow Defender Full Serial - (2MB)
Shadow Defender Serial Only - (form.txt)

Good Luck.....

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